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Avon Public School is located in a pleasant, calm, and environmentally friendly location on the outskirts of Prayagraj.
From grades, 1st through 12th,  Avon Public School is an English Medium School. In the realm of educational measuring and aptitude testing, Avon Public School is a pioneer.
It offers well-ventilated, roomy classrooms. There are also specific activity areas for educational and recreational enrichment activities, such as a video room, music room, dance and performing arts room, proposed art and craft room, and so on. The school also has a well-stocked library and a cutting-edge computer lab with high-speed internet connection on all computers and the most up-to-date educational applications.

Through a difficult curriculum, the Avon Public School aspires to provide a supportive learning environment that will enable students to become responsible citizens, life-long learners, and good communicators. The school’s well-researched, project-based international learning system is designed to prepare pupils for success at the world’s best schools.

The Avon Public School strives to create a learning environment in which children are challenged to attain their full potential via the acquisition of knowledge and the development of personal, cultural, and democratic values, all of which are critical for future success.

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